Pence Ranch & Winery in Santa Barbara wine countryPence Ranch & Winery is a small vineyard producing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir on the western edges of Santa Barbara County. We farm organically and strive to produce wines that give pleasure and have flavor. We see self-reliance as a virtue growing everything ourselves and strive for sustainability in all that we do. This philosophy extends to our ranch and farm operations which emphasizes heirloom fruit orchards, vegetables and olives.

United in purpose, our team is focused on producing the finest Burgundian-inspired wines made in the New World. Blair Pence and Holly Brooks, co-proprietors and winegrowers, have been obsessed with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  For many years, they travelled to France, and more specifically to Burgundy, trying to understand the making of the world’s greatest wines.

Pence Ranch & Winery in Santa Barbara wine countryPence Ranch is also a working ranch. In the spirit of the self-sustaining quinta or rancho, this land provides sustenance for the team and  employees, just as it did for the original Spanish settlers and natives of Alta California. The vision is to be a sustainable community of families and staff, living off the land and working toward the highest quality.

Read more about Pence Ranch & Winery here.


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